Nathaniel holding herbs

Farmer Profile: Nathaniel Dioh, Bethel Empowerment Farming Venture

“When I was four, I was given a piece of land to grow my own stuff. It helped me a lot—it showed me the work behind everything. Sometimes we just expect things are simple, and we see it done rather than being involved. . .”

Heather and Marisa

Farmer Profile: Marisa and Heather, Moshky Farm

Meet Marisa and Heather, owners of Moshky Farm, a women-owned business growing organic vegetables and fresh cocktail ingredients.

Farmer Profile: Yawelyahsi·Yó· Farm

Meet Mallory & Lucas, two farmers growing their regenerative farming practice and connecting with their indigenous roots.

Farmer Profile: Tuttie Fruitties

A chat with Kristin Thompson, farmer at Big River Farms, about her business and farming journey.

Hint: the farm is rad and the juice will make you dance

Farmer Profile: Fagas & Naima

Meet farmers Fagas Salah and Naima Dhore, a city-living couple who decided it was time to make a change and start growing food.

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