Fare For All Pack Peek

Always a variety of fresh produce and frozen meats.

At every sale, we offer a variety of packs of fruits and vegetables and frozen meats. Packs include:

  • Mega Meat Pack ($25) — 7-9 frozen meat items (chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and sometimes fish)
  • Mini Meat Pack ($11) — 3-5 frozen meat items (chicken, turkey, beef, and sometimes fish- no pork)
  • Produce Pack ($10) — 3-4 fresh fruit items and 3-4 fresh veggie items
  • Combo Pack ($20) — Save $1 on the Mini Meat & Produce Pack together
  • Holiday Pack ($30) — Turkey or ham, protein and veggie sides, and dessert (Nov/Dec only)

Every month we post the contents of a special Hot Buy pack and the contents of the Produce Pack. Plus, we offer meat packs with contents that vary by day and location. To learn about available meat packs at your location, check our Facebook page, or sign up for reminder emails.

Hot Buy and Produce Pack

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We’re a local nonprofit working at the intersection of equity and access to healthy, sustainable foods. From farming to distribution, we provide good food to those who need it most in 30 counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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