Sadie Yang

At the top of Sadie’s list is ensuring that all human resources policies and equity initiatives align with The Food Group’s equity values – to fight hunger and nourish the community. She is diligent and strategic, committed to employee engagement, and focused on developing organizational culture. Sadie has 10-plus years of human resources experience. She […] Read more


Emily Eddy White

Emily has 15 years of experience with programs and advancement at The Food Group. She finds deep value in mission-driven work that leads to food equity and has the power to change lives. Emily is passionate about building internal and external connections and support for The Food Group. She leads fund development, marketing and communications, […] Read more


David Peeples

David has over 25 years of leadership experience in nonprofit community-driven collaboratives, entry-level workforce coaching, and various healthcare and corrections industries. He has built and cultivated effective teams, created and managed innovative programs, and led inclusive community outreach. His areas of expertise also include change management, motivational interviewing, mental health and wellness, and relationship management. […] Read more

Tom Mercer

From the start of his career, Tom had his eye on working at a basic-needs nonprofit. While working toward a social science degree at Metropolitan State University, he studied the stories of the working poor and interned at The Food Group. While working with the Fare For All program, Tom found he had an aptitude […] Read more


Sophia Lenarz-Coy

Sophia has worked in hunger relief her entire career. She is always thinking of creative ways to bring good, culturally connected food to where it’s needed most. Her passion is collaborating with community partners to create a more equitable food system for all. Before becoming executive director, Sophia served as The Food Group’s director of […] Read more

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We’re a local nonprofit working at the intersection of equity and access to healthy, sustainable foods. From farming to distribution, we provide good food to those who need it most in 30 counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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